Once upon a time…

…there was a kid whose mother gently forced him to take piano lessons. Some years went by and his peers convinced him that guitars were so much cooler (they were kind of right). Some more years passed, and his Gibson took him on stages around the globe.
Enter a looper, some effect pedals, a drum machine and the kid finds himself at his first club gig. Soon after, synths replace the guitar as the tools of his craft, thus leading him back, full circle, to the keys – where it all began.


And he lived happily ever after

Over the past two years Zazou has become a protagonist among the international Deep House and Slow Rave scenes, combining the talents of a composer and live performer with the soul of an instrumentalist, he becomes a one-man show on stage.

Zazou’s relentless releases with ever changing flavors showcase his creative journey, which has recently led him into a wonderful collaboration with producer and veteran DJ El Mundo. Many of the upcoming productions are going to be happening in the mutual studio of this dynamic duo.

Behind the curtains, you’ll find him and his Berlin collectives co-hosting various European techno festivals and heaps of club events each year.



o6.o6 ▲ Klunkerkranich [Berlin]
o7.o6 ▲ Aurora [Würzburg]
11.o6 ▲ Horde [Paris]
15.o6 ▲ Wannda Circus [Munich]
27.o6 ▲ Fusion Festival [Thu., 8pm @Sonnendeck]
29.o6 ▲ Forest Festival [Poland]
o4.o7 ▲ Heart [Ibiza]
13.o7 ▲ Mensch Meier [Berlin]
2o.o7 ▲ Odin [Beirut]
26.o7 ▲ Habitat Festival
27.o7 ▲ The Gardens of Babylon Festival
o8.o8 ▲ Heart [Ibiza]
1o.o8 ▲ 3000° Festival
17.o8 ▲ Bucht der Träumer Festival
o5.o9 ▲ Heart [Ibiza]
2o.o9 ▲ tba [Rhodos]
o5.1o ▲ Sa Terza Metari Festival [Sardegna]
11.1o ▲ tba
o9.11 ▲ LieblingsBucht [Berlin]
2o.12 ▲ Hafenklang [Hamburg]